Repair dead pixels on LCD display

There is nothing worse than partially working LCD even if just one pixel is is not working. Although this method can not be applied on LCD monitors and larger panels, it gives great results with those small 7-segment and graphical LCDs.

On any display that doesn't use rubber zebra strip, heat seal connector is probably used. Heat seal connector is a self adhesive tape with conductive lines printed on it. With the help of glue on this tape a contact is made with the glass LCD panel. After some time, this glue dries out and it is necessary to re-activate it by using hot air and applying small amount of pressure. Here you can see a successful attempt of fixing a cordless phone's LCD panel using this method. Instead of using hot air, clothing iron can be used as well as soldering iron with a piece of cardboard on it's tip to distribute the pressure evenly.

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I also tried this, it works great since the adhesive is temperature & pressure activated but it glues-off after some time and needs re-heating...
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I did this on a really old cordless phone and, after two tries, it worked but not perfectly. I think the third try will be a charm though because of the big improvement between the first and second tries. Second time I kept the LCD panel hot (turned all black) for over five minutes and switched from a pencil eraser to a wooden burnishing stick and rubbed the whole panel as hard as I could several times. Next time I'm going to do it longer, harder and more times-- oh, yeah. However I do have one left-over s

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I have tried this and it worked perfectly!

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