Home made photovoltaic solar cell

Here is a low efficiency home made photovoltaic (solar) cell made out of two copper plates, some liquid and housing.

This liquid in which two plates rest is a solution of sodium bicarbonate or table (kitchen) salt. The bigger copper plate was previously baked on a kitchen stove for about 30 minutes to produce cuprous oxide. This cell can not be used to power some current hungry devices because it delivers only 50uA at 0.1V. This does not make it any less interesting because it can be used as light detector or light meter, and it should be able to power a pocket calculator.

Theory of operation for photovolaic cells

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meni ovo izgleda kao baterija. anoda, katoda + elektrolit

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Jako zanimljivo!?samo me zanima mogucnost uvezivanja takvih celija?
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Ovo je mozda zgodno za eksperimentirati. Jednostavnije je odrezati lim sa tranzistora 2N3055 ili slicnog u istom kucistu, te njega koristiti za napajanje kalkulatora. Ucinkovitiji je, pogotovo ako se ispred wafera stavi leca i svjetlo Sunca fokusira na wafer.
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