Toner transfer PCBs and copper tinning

If you don't know how PCBs are made with a toner transfer method, you should check this video out. It is presented here because the process is described in detail, from thorough copper cleaning to etching in ferrum chloride and for the final step - instant tinning of PCB traces for oxidation protection.

Forget about tinning with a soldering iron, this process is carried out very elegantly with a liquid tinning solution. In just a few seconds all PCB traces are protected from oxidation and eager to accept some solder.

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svaka cast na videu...dobro odrađeno
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ljudi to je ustvari tecnost za hidraulicne kocnice pravi ga nekoliko firmi(delko..)bas i pise fluid tin a nije ni velika cena- 9.99usa dolara samo ga nadjite kod nas......
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Pa ljudi gde ima uzeti taj tecni kalaj. imali U RH;BIH;SCG;SLO;...; Igde kod nas,!?
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Odličan video.
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comment [2]

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A gdje ima za nabaviti taj tečni kalaj?
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