Charge your phone while you walk

Have no fear of loosing power to your mobile phone anymore - fashion gurus look away now. As funny as it looks, this little thing will harvest energy of your lunch and transform it into electric energy for charging your phone. It is a very simple solution though - hollow out your shoe, left or right and stick in a generator from a generator-flashlight.

There are actually two generators in a shoe with an addition of a spring to push the lever to the starting position. After that, just solder the appropriate charging cable for your phone and off you go! It is capable of generating enough power to charge a phone or iPOD while you walk. Pretty nice thing!

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i onda staneš u jedno fino pasje.. xD čini mi se da rješenje ipak nje dosta trajno za redovnu uporabu, čim bude blata, pijeska, abrazija bi to poprilično.. uništila..
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Po kiši valja trčati :)
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sigurno je veselo bit u ovim cipelama kad je kisa..
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Ovo je zgodno. Treba isto uciniti s obje cipele pa se tada brze napuni baterija. Ako je osoba vece mase, mogu se staviti jaci generatori pa se moze napajati walkman (mp3 player) sa zvucnicima i tako zabavljati cijeli komsiluk dok se hoda mehanom. :D
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