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SMS Alarm witn GSM phone Ericsson T10.

Quote: "The GSM controller contains a mobile phone, modified and connected with the microcontroller, which will receive our commands, process the information and controls the process in the desired way. This kind of system provides wide range of application capabilities, such as: switching on and off house appliance and getting returned information for their state as well; control of very far and unreachable devices; sending text that should be displayed on the electronic advertising panels; receiving alarm from the house or automobile if there is a robbery/fire/flood; and many other alternatives. The GSM controller has a set of AT commands. For this project only the basic AT commands are used, such as: phone initialising, reading, deleting and sending SMS messages."

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Date: 19-05-2007

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I guess this is what you need: http://www.elektronika.ba/500/sms-alarm-sender/
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Sir, I want to know about sms alarm with gsm phone system. How i know about this project. Thanking you
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How to change phone number for alerting by alarm, and can I use other type of mobile phone? IP:

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