Title Short description
Automatic coming/leaving home light Overkilled automatic hallway light - functional device built mostly for fun.
DTMF RF remote DTMF remote over radio waves.
IR jammer v2 A device that jams any IR communication (TV remote blocker).
IR light dimmer with PIC IR light dimmer compatible with most remotes found in home.
Remote RGB LED strip driver with PICBasic If you have some RGB LED strip leftover from your previous project, do not let it go to waste. Why not building a simple three channel PWM driver with IR remote control support to power it with? It is a great weekend project that anyone can build. This project is based on an old PIC16F84 we had lying around, three 1A transistors and an IR remote receiver. The firmware is written in PICBasic and is commented out so beginners could learn a thing or two about the way that device works. There are few firmwares available that decode: Nokia remote protocol, Sony and Philips.
Turntable Photography Equipment Making images of various objects (products) in 360 degrees by using a DIY controllable turntable with stepper motor. Open source.


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