Title Short description
32.768 KHz oscillator Generate clock of 32.768 KHz with a common watch crystal.
IN-8 single nixie tube clock Pretty accurate single nixie tube clock featuring IN-8 tube and PIC16F84(A) microcontroller.
Master Clock driver for antique slave clocks Master clock for big old clocks with impulse motor.
One-second clock signal source Generating a 1-second clock signal with a crystal.
Warm Tube Clock v1 - Nixie Clock Modular Nixie Clock with 4 tubes and RGB LEDs - open source hardware.
Warm Tube Clock v2 - Nixie Clock New version of modular Nixie Clock with 4 tubes and RGB LEDs - now with DS3231 (DS3232) RTC IC - open source hardware.
Word Clock A clock that tells time with words. Parts used: ATmega168P/328P, DS3231/DS3232 RTC, AT42QT1011 capacitive touch sensor and MAX7219 dot matrix driver.


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