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Title Short description Rate Download
Alarm with 4 sensors Very simple alarm with NE556 and 4 sensors. 2.90 7,225
Alarm with PIC microcontroller Some simple PIC based alarm. 2.86 6,177
Card lock for cars Electronic Card Lock system for you vehicle. 2.90 6,048
Digital combination lock Digital combination lock with two 14013 ICs. 2.91 4,936
Double sensor Senzor activated by light and vibrations. 2.91 3,092
Electronic combination lock with PIC microcontroller Electronic combination lock with PIC microcontroller and 4 access codes. 2.90 4,823
Electronic lock Electronic lock with 4022 octal counter. 2.91 3,921
Fire sensor Sensor that detects fire, hopefully not too late. 2.90 3,328
Knock-knock alarm Alarm, more of a sensor, that activates on door knocking sound. 2.92 3,352
Light activated alarm Turns alarm (buzzer) ON, when light hits the sensor. 2.88 4,243
Light sensor Another light sensor that uses NE555. 2.87 3,561
Metal detector Another metal detector. 2.87 8,587
PIR sensor PYR, motion sensor activated by body head. 2.87 4,930
SMS alarm - by Pance SMS Alarm witn GSM phone Ericsson T10. 2.91 7,021
Touch activated alarm v1 Activates alarm (buzzer) when someone comes close to the device. 2.90 9,608

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