Tiny Reverse GeoCache

GeoCaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game (sport?) with GPS system involved. By using a hand-held GPS receiver the user has to go to a specific coordinate to obtain a hidden treasure which is usually a container with fun stuff inside. Reverse GeoCaching is relatively new thing where the idea is that you already have the treasure in your hands, but in order to access it you must go to a specific location. Once you get there, the box opens and the treasure is yours. The box doesn't show you the destination coordinates but only the distance and also a limited number of clues and that's where the fun starts.

This Reverse GeoCache Box is pretty nicely engineered and built. The hardware that makes it all work is: MAX1674 step-up converter, Haicom HI-204 SiRFStar GPS receiver, PIC18F2520 microcontroller and other bits and pieces. The software is written in C and it used 10kWords of 16kWords available in the PIC.

This reminds me of good old Fox Hunting.

Reverse GeoCaching is more fun, and more safe! Why is that? - read this story and see for yourself.

22.09.2010 UPDATE: Schematics and source-code are on project page.


© Markus

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