PhorseCode POV gadget

POV, again, is nothing new or revolutionary in display technology. This one is interesting because of a few things; it is very small - you can build it with SMD parts on a very very small PCB and power it with a 3V button cell battery; and it is programmable on the site with a single button input method.

It is built on Atmel ATTINY25 and it uses 3 data lines to control 6 LEDs. Now, this single button uses a strange code similar to Morse-code and it is named PhorseCode.

"PhorseCode is an "Morse-code" system which uses a single button to enter data, but organises the dot-dash patterns for a a mobile phone keypad layout to make it easy to learn. Each letter is a 3-bit code."

© Julian Skidmore

Credits go to Hack-a-Day.

[ Source: Julian Skidmore ]

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