Police in every vehicle

If you get off at high speed pursuits involving a flashing police vehicle behind you, this one is for you. Or should I say: if you get in trouble very often for speeding...

Michael from Project Lab has built this smart device that mimics police car pulling you over whenever you are speeding. It features: EM-406a GPS receiver, ATmega328 microcontroller with Arduino bootloader and some red&blue LEDs. There are also two white LEDs which represent headlights of a police car for even more realistic feel. When everything is put together, a predefined "zones" with speed limits are compared every second with the actual speed of the vehicle. When the actual speed is over the limit a police lights engage to alert you to slow down. If the lights don't turn off after you slow down - you better stop because you are probably getting pulled over by the real police.

If you like those police lights you should also check this one out. Anyway, here is the direct link to this project.


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[ Source: Project Lab ]

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