Automatic safe cracker

After finding an old safe with mysterious contents somewhere in the garbage, he tried opening it by listening to clicks (probably with a stethoscope) that dials supposably make, but with no luck at all. As manual brute force cracking is out of the question since it would take forever, he decided to build a machine to do it for him.

Author of this project connected servo motor to PC via Pololu servo controller and Arduino board. This safe cracking machine is attached to safe with some strong rare earth magnets. Safe's dial rotation is controlled via PC and servo is fitted with gears to enable at least two full dial's revolutions with only 180 degrees that classic servo can accomplish.

Too much work for unknown junk in a box... But hey, curiosity is a strong emotion!

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Evo nešto slično: http://web.mit.edu/kvogt/www/safecracker.html
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