Sound torture device

This device has been built for one reason only - to annoy everyone around it. What's interesting is that "everyone" is actually people with less than 25-30 years of age because this device produces a high-pitch sound of around 17 kHz. Ofcorse, it is well known fact that most people above the mentioned age can't hear those high-pitch noises.

It is based on ATtiny25 microcontroller and can be powered by 3V battery (button-cell CR2032). Source code is available for download from the author's web page.

© Hungry_Myst

[ Source: Hungry_Myst ]

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comment [11]

trax,za mene je 8kHz bolnije,xd
IP: n/a

comment [10]

Ma radim ja i sa Atmelovim i Microchipovim, ali preferiram Microchipove kontrolere jer ih imam u zalihama :)
IP: n/a

comment [9]

ma nije problem u izvoru. negde sam vec procitao da ces da menjas kontroler, i poceo si da postujes sve projekte sa Atmel-om pa reko da pitam sto :)
IP: n/a

comment [8]

a jbg...ako neznaju naci izvor...kako ce uopce to napraviti,xd
IP: n/a

comment [7]

Pa očigledo je da ima onih koji ne znaju.
IP: n/a

comment [6]

mislim da nismo glupi,xd
IP: n/a

comment [5]

Gore gdje vam piše [Izvor: Hungry_Myst] je izvor projekta! Da znate ubuduće...
IP: n/a

comment [4]

xd...bravo,dobro si se sjetio
IP: n/a

comment [3]

Hehe, nisam, ovo nije moj projekt :)
IP: n/a

comment [2]

xd... ovo mi slici na moj program
IP: n/a

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