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Title Short description Rate Download
1.5V battery powered motor A very small fan motor switched on and off by hand torque. 2.84 3,032
32.768 KHz oscillator Generate clock of 32.768 KHz with a common watch crystal. 2.85 1,367
Acustic clap switch Control your appliance with a clap of your hands. 2.84 7,842
Antiradar RF Car radar detector circuit. 2.93 28,993
Autodiagnostics Auto diagnostics VAG-COM, interface and a sample program. 2.87 7,766
Bridge amplifier 16W 16W Bridge amplifier. 2.93 2,683
CNC driver The simplest unipolar motor driver. 2.82 4,309
CNC with AT90S1200 It uses unipolar motors from 5.25" floppy drive. 2.85 4,412
Clap switch v1 Clap switch in flip-flop fashion. 2.86 5,001
Clap switch v2 Clap switch in flip-flop fashion. 2.89 3,393
Color sensor Detects 8 different collors. 2.86 3,652
Conductor seeker Conductor seeker with NE567 tone decoder. 2.83 2,271
Continuity tester Adjustable continuity tester. 2.84 684
Counter A multipurpose counter. 2.86 4,115
DTMF decoding and generation Generating and decofing DTMF tones with two ICs. 2.83 1,864

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