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Title Short description Rate Download
Telephone answering machine Telephone answering machine. 2.94 1,727
Telephone hold with music Keeps phone line open and plays audio signal on it. 2.93 1,062
LED monitor for phone line Turns LED ON when phone line is in use. 2.92 1,312
Phone line in use indicator Very simple device with two LEDs as indicators. 2.91 1,051
Caller ID with 7-seg display DTMF Caller ID, not FSK but DTMF. 2.91 2,346
Telephone line guardian v1 Turns alarm on if phone line is in use. 2.90 980
Telephone line recorder v4 A device that turns-on voice recorder automatically and taps to the phone line. 2.89 1,880
Half-a-phone A phone that can only accept calls. 2.89 1,737
Telephone line status Another device for telephone line status indication. 2.89 1,189
Smart telephone light Turns on lights when phone rings and if in dark. 2.88 2,126
LED-blink monitor for phone line Blinks LED while phone line is in use. 2.88 1,143
Telephone line guardian v2 Turns on alarm if phone line is in use. 2.88 800
Phone ring generator v1 Generates voltage across phone line in order for phone to ring. Works on 12V. 2.88 1,030
Telephone exchange with 2 numbers Small telephone exchange with 2 numbers. 2.87 3,894
Telephone line recorder v3 A device that turns on voice recorder automatically and records phone conversation. 2.87 1,637

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