Title Short description
Jupiter UKW FM transmitter Simple FM tranmitter on 9V battery.
Mini video transmitter Miniature video transmitter with 100m of range.
Miniature FM transmitter Small FM transmitter.
Nice FM bug FM transmitter - bug.
Radio transmitter Very good and powerful radio transmitter.
Radio transmitters All about radio transmitters with schematics of some transmitters.
Satellite TV transmitter Satellite TV receiver is used as a receiver for this transmitter (900-2150MHz).
Simple video transmitter A very simple video transmitter with one transistor.
Small bug on 1.5V battery Stable and very small transmitter, 500 hours with AA battery.
Spy bug in a pen Small and narrowed FM transmitter at 12V.
Stronger bug Stronger bug and simple to build.
Telephone bug Excellent telephone bug.
Transmitter and receiver for data on 433 MHz Schematics of a transmitter and a receiver for data communication (suitable for alarms) on 433 MHz.
Two stage FM transmitter A bit more powerful FM transmitter.
Veronica FM transmitter 1W Veronica transmitter with PLL, 1W of RF power.
Video spy Video transmitter up to 100m of range.
Video transmitter 1km range Schematics of a video transmitter with range of over 1km.
Video transmitter for 1100-1400 MHz Video transmitter for 1100-1400 MHz, range 100-300m.

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