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Title Short description Rate Download
Miniature FM transmitter Small FM transmitter. 2.88 2,452
PLL FM transmitter PLL FM transmitter. 2.90 2,361
Powerful VHF FM transmitter Powerful FM radio transmitter. 2.88 2,822
QRP transmitter CW/AM 7 MHz Nice and simple schematics of CW transmitter. 2.92 960
QRP transmitter v1 Low power transmitter with 1 tube. 2.86 772
QRP transmitter v2 Low power transmitter with 2 tubes. 2.88 708
Quality FM transmitter Quality FM radio transmitter. 2.88 4,434
Radio control on 27 MHz Telecommand transmitter and receiver on 27 MHz with two buttons (commands). 2.90 5,384
Radio transmitter Very good and powerful radio transmitter. 2.89 3,379
SW AM transmitter Shortwave AM transmitter. 2.90 1,743
Satellite TV transmitter Satellite TV receiver is used as a receiver for this transmitter (900-2150MHz). 2.91 8,628
Simple stereo transmitter Simple stereo transmitter with BA1404. 2.85 2,091
Simple video transmitter A very simple video transmitter with one transistor. 2.82 3,923
Stereo coder and limiter Stereo coder and limiter. 2.87 3,066
Super FM transmitter 2W UKV 2W transmitter. 2.85 4,016

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