/Schematics/Radio transmitters

Title Short description Rate Download
FM transmitter 3W 3W FM transmitter 88-108 MHz. 2.95 20,182
Transmitter and receiver for data on 433 MHz Schematics of a transmitter and a receiver for data communication (suitable for alarms) on 433 MHz. 2.93 16,255
Micro FM transmitter Yet another small FM transmitter. 2.93 4,678
FM transmitter 200mW FM transmitter 200mW. 2.92 4,536
FM transmitter with NE555 Simple and experimental FM transmitter with NE555. 2.92 4,625
FM wireless microphone Transmitter with uA741 IC. 2.90 3,864
1W PLL FM transmitter 1W PLL FM transmitter with TSA5511. 2.90 7,628
Video transmitter 1km range Schematics of a video transmitter with range of over 1km. 2.90 38,039
FM transmitter 4W FM transmitter 4W. 2.90 3,571
Satellite TV transmitter Satellite TV receiver is used as a receiver for this transmitter (900-2150MHz). 2.89 8,590
QRP transmitter CW/AM 7 MHz Nice and simple schematics of CW transmitter. 2.89 941
AM oscillator (transmitter) AM oscillator for wireless microphones. 2.89 3,262
Radio control on 27 MHz Telecommand transmitter and receiver on 27 MHz with two buttons (commands). 2.89 5,356
PLL FM transmitter PLL FM transmitter. 2.88 2,339
Video spy Video transmitter up to 100m of range. 2.88 13,428

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