Title Short description Rate Download
Powerful light show (3 x 600W) Powerful light show with 3 light bulbs, each 600W. 2.95 11,017
Sound controlled light show Light show with 3 light bulbs controlled with sound. 2.86 10,511
Neon tube on 12V Neon tube converter operating on 12V. 2.86 8,279
Simple light show Very simple light show with light bulbs. 2.91 7,609
LED VU-meter LED VU-meter using opAmps. 2.87 5,331
Stroboscope on 12V Stroboscope on 12V with NE555. 2.88 5,247
LED blinker Yet another LED blinker circuit. 2.86 5,212
Stroboscope for 220V Stroboscope for 220V with xenon light bulb. 2.87 4,965
LED bicycle light 40 flashing LEDs for your bicycle. 2.88 4,748
Miniature stroboscope Miniature stroboscope operating on 3V battery. 2.90 4,719
LED blinker on 1.5V v1 Device that blinks an LED. Powered by 1.5V battery. 2.83 4,395
Sun follower Good for sun tracking for solar panels. 2.86 4,040
Neon tube blinker Blinks neon tubes. 2.87 4,002
Flashing logo Flashes letter by letter of a custom made logo. 2.83 3,721
LED blinker on 1.5V v2 Blinks LED with LM3909 on 1.5V. 2.84 3,451

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