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How do you make a GPS logger? Well, the simplest way would be to get a GPS receiver, a microcontroller to parse NMEA data and SD or MMC memory card to store it all on. In that case you would need to make your own "file system" on memory card and PC application to download the data and put it all together. The other way would be to write FAT16/32 routines in microcontroller to store data in classic TXT files. Yet another way would be to buy DOSonChip IC that handles FAT and not worry a thing about the file system whatsoever.

This project is very very similar to DOSonChip. One big difference is that it is open source (open hardware) and based on ATmega328P! You can talk to it via serial communication using special set of "AT" commands to write, read and delete files. Very very cool stuff.

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