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GSM call alarm is a device that will call a destination number via Siemens or Ericsson GSM phone (19200 bps RS232). It has 1 sensor input and another input - state (stanje). If state input is = 0V than the device is "active" and it monitors the sensor input. The device is deactivated when state pin is connected to Vcc (+). Sensor input is triggered by 0V.


In project file for download, you will find a JPG image that describes how to program the number you whish to be called when alarm occures. I hope you will find some use for this device, as I did - for my car.


Author (sent by): Trax

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Date: 20-02-2005

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comment [59]

hi, Trax. Thanks you for the great idea, but I have a problem with the device. I make everything exactly like it you write it, but the problem is the phone coverage - the telephone is searching for network cell at every 15 sec. If something hapenned during this time, the phone /seimens C35i/ will not be ably to dial my nomber to notice me about alert. I used the newest version of software /hex fail- dailing only once/. Any idea what can i do to make it work?
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comment [58]

Click on the red "download" button above.
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comment [57]

Please tell me where I can find out a schematic diagram for GSM alarm. Sincerelly your Petar

comment [56]

Hello! I cannot sell you boards because I don't have time to make them. You must do this yourself! In a few days I will publish new version of GSM alarm SMS/CALL in one device. When you connect your phone, LEDs will be OK.
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comment [55]

Dear Trax ! I think you have many mini board working ok ! Then I need a board : phone line alarm,phone line control,and GSM alarm. Can you do and sell it for me. I will pay for you over Banking. Thanks alot !
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comment [54]

Thanks Trax alot ! I will try some old phone siemens o sony ericsons. But I want know your idea about my board . I don't known why Red -yellows led is on same time when i connect board to power . Power 12VDC 800mA is OK ? Thank Trax very very much! I wish you come VietNam then I can see you!
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comment [53]

You can not use Nokia with this (maybe you can, but I didn't try). You better find Siemens M35 or similar phone.
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comment [52]

Hi Trax ! I'm a beginer in electric.I'm From Vietnam. I building this project but I have some problem : I use nokia3120( I don't have siemens or sony ericsons). When I made complete board follows your guide,supply power 12VDC,800mmA. Yellows led and red led is always on.Please help me about this. I use some 10K resistor 1\%,and 220 ohm,4k7,47k is 5\%,C47uF16V, 10Mhz Kristal oscillo...Thank alot ! And this one : I'm beginer, and SMD components is difficul for me. Please designs for socket components.
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comment [51]

Hello Trax! Thanks a lot! I tried out this new hex file and it is working super now. Thank you again!!!
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comment [50]

I placed this additional HEX in RAR file. Postavio sam ovaj dodatni HEX fajl u RAR-u za download.
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