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SMS alarm is a very simple device. To send SMS it uses Siemens gsm phone and it has 5 inputs - it means that it can send 5 different SMS messages. For each sensor input we write SMS text that we wish to receive when alarm condition happens. Programing is done via PC and proper software that is available for download.


Author (sent by): Trax

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Date: 17-12-2004

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comment [22]

Trax imam stari Ericsson T10s da li bi radilo kada bih stavio 5Mhz krisal.Ako bi da li može 5,0688Mhz trenutno to mogu naći. Zahvaljujem.
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comment [21]

No it can't. You should make "GSM controller v2 (TwoWay Thing)" if you have DLR3-P Nokia laying around.
IP: n/a

comment [20]

can it work with nokia phones or any other phones (incase i connect the same pins rx,tx,gnd with the same pins)
IP: n/a

comment [19]

Hi, Thanks For Reply I am trying that circuit, everything is ok Upto Red LED Glow, but with sms uploader I can't Connected. Please Provide Me pin config. For PC To PIC. I Am Using PIC16F84A 04/P When I click SMS Uploader "Connect" Buttan Green LED Blink One Time. But A Massege apeared In German Language. Please Give Me Your mail ID. Or Send me Note For That Fault On My mail ID: kr_ishan@hotmail.com
IP: n/a

comment [18]

Hi, I used it, but it can give you problems since -04 version is for 4MHz crystals. In this circuit 10MHz is used, so you really should get the -10 version.
IP: n/a

comment [17]

can i used pic 16F84A 04/P instead of pic 16f84A 10/P
IP: n/a

comment [16]

Well, do you see any LEDs blinking?? Does anything work at all?
IP: n/a

comment [15]

until now i could not connect the board to the pc, so the sms uploader did not work
IP: n/a

comment [14]

Well, what seems to be the problem? Is your PIC working properly? Did you connect the phone properly? ...?
IP: n/a

comment [13]

hi all, until now i could not manage to make this device work. and you promised me to send me a sample.
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