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SMS alarm is a very simple device. To send SMS it uses Siemens gsm phone and it has 5 inputs - it means that it can send 5 different SMS messages. For each sensor input we write SMS text that we wish to receive when alarm condition happens. Programing is done via PC and proper software that is available for download.


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Date: 17-12-2004

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comment [52]

Spojio sam Siemens C55 na uređaj i samo se ugasi telefon. Uređaj signalizira sa led naizmenično crvena blinka zelena kontantno. Uređaj uspešno isprogramiran sa porukama. Urađen po šemi crtanom rukom. Da li da dodam otpornike 4,7K između Gnd i RX i TX?
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comment [51]

Probao sam Nokia 7250i i Siemens A50 neće sa ovim telefonima! Ali reko čisto da pitam da proverim da li je ok. Spojio sam Rx, Tx i Gnd od telefonom na SMS Alarm. SMS Alarm kad se pali crvena treperi brzo par sekundi pa se ugasi, posle se upali zelena koja svetli konstantno pa se ugasi, pa krene opet crvena da treperi par puta (sporije) pa se ugasi pa zelena konstantno... Kao da ne može telefon da inicijalizuje, znači verovatno ovi telefoni ne odgovaraju! Poz
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comment [50]

od tog kabla mozes iskoristiti samo konektor koji ide u telefon.
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comment [49]

za spajanje mobitela siemens a60 s shemom dali je dobar Siemens Podatkovni USB kabel?
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comment [48]

Napravi ono iz sms_alarm.rar - shema crtana rukom. Ta radi definitivno.
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comment [47]

Trax tu na slikama ima različitih shema. Koju shemu na tim slikama treba izrađivati?
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comment [46]

can you tell me how ASM file to write
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comment [45]

Nice and projects but need more details more projects is on http://www.2electronic.com/

comment [44]

At first I would like to thank you for the realy immediate response! I am a little confused about the hex file in the zip (sms_alarm.HEX) and the sms uploader function. First we need to upload the hex file to PIC (using a board and a proper program) and then we must connect again to the PIC, using SMS uploader, and upload sms? Is it right? So, this operation while make the HEX file to be changed? Do you think it would be easier to use a gsm modem instead of a gsm mobile? As far as I understand, this proce

comment [43]

The HEX is for the PIC (step 1), the program is for the PC to upload messages into the PIC (step 2) via a MAX232 cable. The phone itself needs no program. I don't know if you can use Nokia phones with this device. It would be best for you to build this: (http://www.elektronika.ba/503/gsm-controller-v2) because it uses Nokia.
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