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Quote: "It is very stable and VERY sensitive on the mic pick-up. It can be made very small as you can see from the picture. It uses 2 common 1N4007 diodes to act as varactor diodes. It was designed to operate from a 9v batt but wil work all the way up to 15v or so. The RF output was measured at 10mW on a spectrum analyzer with a 9v supply and increasing to about 100mW with a 15v supply. The inductor is about 5-6 turns of 22 gauge wire on a 0.1" former (like drill bit etc.)"


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Date: 09-04-2004

Lokalna verzija ove stranice: FM bubica v4


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HAHAHA Ne zezaJ! ne radi uopste! IP:

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hmm ,pa mora biti dobar cim je ovoliko natrpan. koliki bi domet trebao biti ovoga? IP:

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Istina da je malo komplikovano za BUG-a ali je predajnik stvarno dobro odraðen.
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