/Schematics/Radio transmitters

Title Short description Rate Download
1W PLL FM transmitter 1W PLL FM transmitter with TSA5511. 2.91 7,396
2W FM Sinner transmitter One of stronger transmitters, 2W of RF power. 2.87 5,290
5W CW transmitter Transmitter for CW with 5W of RF power. 2.84 2,587
5W transmitter 88-108 MHz Great transmitter without PLL control. 2.87 6,758
8W FM PLL transmitter with LCD display Very good FM transmitter. 2.88 6,594
AM oscillator (transmitter) AM oscillator for wireless microphones. 2.91 3,189
Band 3 TV transmitter VHF (ch 5 - 12) TV transmitter. 2.84 5,212
CW practise oscillator Oscillator for CW, can be used for CW practising. 2.84 799
CW transmitter Transmitter for CW with RF power of 1W. 2.86 1,362
CW transmitter 250mW and 3W linear PA for 7 MHz CW transmitter and linear power amplifier for 7 MHz. 2.84 1,286
CW transmitter for PC CW transmitter that's controlled via LPT port. 2.87 1,503
Complete stereo transmitter Stereo transmitter, 200mW of RF power. 2.91 2,585
Electronic ear Nice and detailed transmitter. 2.83 4,723
FM stereo transmitter 0.5W Complete FM transmitter with stereo coder without PLL. 2.83 3,965
FM transmitter 15W with EL34 FM transmitter with EL34 tube or PL504 tube, 15W of RF power. 2.93 5,164

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