Title Short description Rate Download
ADSL info Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. 2.87 5,121
Asynchronous machines Document about asynchronous machines. 2.77 4,888
Checking transistor with multimeter Checking transistor using multimeter. 2.81 7,458
Communication lines Types and graduations of communication lines. 2.81 2,700
Components of bipolar m.i.c. Lection from high-school, components of bipolar monolithic integrated circuits. 2.83 2,561
Connecting Nokia to F-BUS F-BUS specifications and connecting Nokia to PC. 2.86 2,195
Connectors Pictures and types of most common connectors. 2.87 5,801
Eavesdropping telephone conversations Methods for eavesdropping telephone conversations without hardware break-in. 2.75 7,582
Electric installations and lighting handbook Electric installations and lighting handbook by Amir Halep. 2.90 9,512
GSM AT commands AT commands for Siemens (S25). Commands are identical to most other GSM phones. 2.87 7,732
History of electronics Overview of important inventions related to electronics. 2.85 3,083
I2C bus specifications Specifications of I2C bus. 2.80 1,354
Introduction to PIC microcontrollers PIC microcontrollers (just basics). 2.86 7,851
MOS transistor replacements Listing of MOS transistors and their replacements. 2.84 3,269
Markings and codes for parts Markings and codes for resistors and capacitors. Pinouts for transistors - for beginners in electronics. 2.84 9,142

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