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All feedback is appreciated. I must let you know that I can't answer to every single E-mail I get as that would take too much of my time. I especially don't answer E-mails containing requests for some schematics that could be found on web search engines. Find it your self. For everything else feel free to visit the forum.

Important notice
Author of this web site is not responsible for the use of content found on this web site. All schematics are from various sources on the internet, sent by visitors of this web site. Some have their original author's signature and others don't because he or she is unknown. If you are the author of any content published on this website, please contact me and I will put your signature or remove the content from web site - it is your choice.

Now that you have read this stuff, you can contact me on my E-mail address: trax (at.nospam) elektronika.ba.

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